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We have over 50 years combined experience in surgery and, in addition to performing routine surgery, we are also capable of performing additional orthopedic and soft tissue procedures that are not often available at other general practices.

At North Windham Animal Hospital all of our surgical procedures are monitored for blood pressure, EKG, oxygen saturation and internal body temperature.

If your pet needs a surgery, please call to speak to one of our doctors. 

Soft tissue:
• Spay (Ovariohysterectomy)
• Neuter (Orchiectomy)
• Mass removal from skin, eyelid, liver, spleen, etc (Lumpectomy)
• Bladder stone removal (Cystotomy)
• Anal gland removal
• Bite wound repair
• Hernia repair
• Stomach surgery (Gastrotomy)
• Intestinal surgery (Enterotomy)
• Fluid filled ear repair (Aural hematoma)
• Eyelid repair (Entropion)
• Eye removal (Enucleation)
• Airway correction in Brachiocephalic dogs such as English bulldog, Pugs, Boston terriers and others (Soft palet repair, Stenotic nares repair)
• Penile urethral bypass in blocked cats (Perineal Urethrostomy)
• Cesarean section
• Declaw
• And most other general surgeries as needed

• Cruciate ligament repair
• Bone fracture repair
• Luxating patella repair (Patella recession)
• Femoral head removal (Osteotomy)
• Amputation
• And other orthopedic procedures

• Routine cleaning and polishing (Dental prophylaxis)
• Dental X-rays
• Extraction

• Physical Examinations
• Vaccinations
• Senior Pet Care
• Surgery
• Injury Care
• Laboratory
• Radiology
• Dentistry
• Ultrasound
• Emergency Walk-Ins Welcome


• Pharmacy
• Flea & Tick Preventatives
• Prescription & Maintenance Diets

Hospital Features

• Ample Parking
• Well Equipped Facility
• Convenient Hours
• Reasonable Fees
• Friendly & Experienced Staff