Laser therapy helps relieve pain in pets suffering from acute and chronic conditions.
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Vet tech SteveSteve is a Rhode Island transplant who recently moved to Connecticut with his wife and their three dogs, six cats, and three-legged bearded dragon. Before he found his passion in veterinary medicine, Steve was an E-6 in the Air Force and Army for 12 years where he worked as a medic and electronic countermeasures technician. Between deployments to Afghanistan, Germany, Guam, and Diego Garcia, he attended several colleges and earned his associate's degree in applied science with a focus on Avionic Electronic Systems, his bachelor's degree in psychology, his EMT-basic certification, and, as of 2016, his bachelor's degree in biology. As an avid musician, cinephile, cook, and gamer, Steve spends his free time watching movies, anime, collecting comics, and playing drums, guitar, and Xbox controllers.