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dog suitcaseAre you planning to travel with your pet? Whether you are journeying by plane or driving, it is advisable to keep with you a signed copy of your pet's current rabies certificate as well as a signed health certificate issued within 30 days of travel. 

North Windham Animal Hospital is now accredited by the USDA to issue pet health certificates for both for domestic and overseas travel! We also provide Pet ID cards at no cost (the card includes pet information as well as a list of vaccines).

Having your pet microchipped prior to travel is also a good idea (and may be required) should your pet become lost or separated from you en route. Be sure to update your information with the microchip company to ensure your pet finds his or her way home!

US Travel

With a few exceptions, the majority of states require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection if a pet will be residing in a state for any length of time. If flying, you should check with the airlines as they may have additional requirements for your animal and more stringent time requirements.

Overseas Travel

Each country is different, and in some cases may have a number of steps required prior to entry of your pet into their country. PLAN AHEAD as this takes time, and there may be associated testing and fees involved.

One thing most countries have in common is a requirement for a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection submitted by a veterinarian who is accredited by the USDA.

Visit the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website for more info regarding regulations involved with pet travel.

Still have questions? Give us a call us at (860) 456-4701 to discuss your questions or concerns. We are committed to your pet's health and safety at all times – whether that be in a car, on a plane, or in your lap!