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Feeding (or not feeding) your dog over the holidays.

We see many more sick pets right after Thanksgiving and Christmas than any other time of the year. Most of them are suffering from intestinal problems ranging from a little nausea to very dangerous pancreatitis. I am writing to ask you to use common sense and caution.

Feeding Pets Table ScrapsFirst, some facts:

  • Most holiday foods are much higher in fat than your pet's normal diet.

  • We tend to feed our pets the left overs that contain the fat you won't eat.

  • Your family and guests actually look forward to feeding your pet under the table.

  • Leftovers not handled correctly can cause serious bacterial intestinal diseases.

  • Holiday foods contain ingredients your dog is not able to digest.

  • If your pet gets sick, the treatment can cost more than the dinner.

I recommend feeding your pet about one half hour before the meal. Ask that your guests refrain from feeding table food to your pet. Keep your pet away from the excitement of the meal until everything is cleaned up and put away. Sure, a little turkey meat is ok the next day as long as it is not fatty.

Check out this video! Have a great holiday season.