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canine influenzaWe are writing to inform you of a new dog disease that is approaching our corner of the state. Canine Influenza is a respiratory virus that can cause severe disease and even death in extreme cases. It has been identified in several states, a small number having been confirmed as close as New London County.

The greatest risk of contact is when your dog is placed in a situation where there is contact with other dogs, such as doggie daycare, boarding kennels, grooming parlors and the like. Young dogs, older dogs, and dogs with a compromised immune system are at greatest risk.

The signs of Canine Influenza are coughing, nasal discharge, high fever and often lack of appetite.

If you see any of these symptoms, we urge you to call us at (860) 456-4701 and make an appointment with one of our doctors. Unfortunately, there are several other common diseases that can have the same symptoms.

Treatment involves intense supportive care and antibiotics. Some dogs will require hospitalization. It can be contagious to other dogs in the house. 

There is a vaccine that can protect your dog from Canine Influenza. If you will be taking your dog to places where there are other dogs, we recommend getting the vaccine for your pet. It requires two injections three weeks apart. Immunity is highest a few weeks after the second vaccine, so make your plans to vaccinate several weeks before bringing your dog to be with other dogs.